Photomicrographs and a SEM image of the desmid genus Tetmemorus, there are only three species in THE CHECK-LIST OF DESMIDS OF THE BRITISH ISLES ; T. brebissonii, T.granulatus & T.laevis.


Scanning Electron Microscope image by Andrew Syred.













Above. Tetmemorus conjugating. Two specimens have come together and a zygospore as developed between them.


Fungus spores have developed in the Tetmemorus granulatus shown in the photomicrograph on the left.









  Images by Bill Ells

Above, detail of an empty semi-cell of  T.granulatus showing pores in the cell wall.

The CHECK-LIST OF THE BRITISH ILES by A.J.Brook & D.B.Williamson is occasional publication no.28 . The Freshwater Biological Association.

                                                     Updated May 13 2007.
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